10 Most Valuable Dimes Coin.

10 Most Valuable Dimes Coin 1

The United States Mint has been making the dime, a ten-cent coin, since 1796. However, some rare dimes can be very valuable to coin collectors. Most dimes in circulation are worth their face value. This includes proof dimes, years with low mintage, and dimes with special finishing like proofs.

The 1894-S Barber Dime, of which only 24 were made, was the most expensive dime ever sold. A dime from 1894-S sold at auction for more than $2 million in 2016. The 1804 Draped Bust Dime, the 1873-CC Seated Liberty Dime, and the 1916-D Mercury Dime are some other important and expensive dimes. The coins are valuable because they are rare, in good shape, in high demand among enthusiasts, and have numismatic value. Most Valuable Dimes you find in your pocket don’t have much value, but collectors are ready to pay a lot of money for hard to find dates and mint marks.

These Are 10 Of The Most Valuable Dimes.

1. 1945 S Micro S Full Band Mercury Dime

1945 S Micro S Full Band Mercury Dime
  • Year: 1945
  • Mint S (SF) Mark
  • The Mercury Dime
  • Price: This PCGS-graded coin sold for $25,850 at auction in 2019.
  • Face Value: Like other Valuable Dimes, this coin is worth 10 cents.
  • Production: There are plenty of 1945 S dimes, but NGC only certifies 1,200 as mint. Rare mint-condition coins make them desirable to collectors.
  • Edge: The coin has a typical reeded edge for dimes.
  • Silver Content: Like every Mercury Dime of its period, it has 90% silver, making it worth more than its face value.
  • This coin has 0.0723 ounces of silver.
  • Melt Value: This coin’s silver melt value is more than its face value of 10 cents, increasing its intrinsic value.
  • This coin’s Micro S mintmark on the reverse is unique, making it the only 1945 S dime bearing it. San Francisco-stricken dimes from this year are frequently low quality, making full-banded ones especially scarce.

The 1945 S Micro S Full Band Mercury Dime’s rarity, mintmark, and condition made it a valuable numismatic prize at auction in 2019.

2. 1860 Liberty Seated Dime

1860 Liberty Seated Dime
  • Philly mint had no mint mark in 1860.
  • The Liberty Seated Dime sold for $27,600 in 2006.
  • This dime is worth 10 cents, like other dime coins.
  • Making things: 1860 saw a cent exchange. The coin now reads “United States of America” instead of stars. The rear wreath was also expanded to accommodate. This replaced coins from New Orleans (with a “O” mint mark) and Philadelphia (without). San Francisco penny remains unchanged. Philadelphia produced over 600,000 dimes, making them widespread.
  • Its edge is reeded like other Valuable Dimes.
  • The 1860 Liberty Seated Dime, like other coins from that time, is 90% silver and worth more than face value.
  • This coin has 0.0723 ounces silver.
  • Melt Value: Collectors and investors like this coin since it’s worth more in silver than 10 cents.

This Philadelphia dime is one of over 100 mint-state 1860 coins. Numismatists seek it for its historical worth and rarity in mint condition. Due to its distinctive design and intriguing history, the 1860 Liberty Seated Dime is attractive to collect, especially while minting. Its high 2006 selling price demonstrated this.

3. 1968 No S Roosevelt Dime Proof

1968 No S Roosevelt Dime Proof
  • 1968 Mint There is no mint mark (no “S” mark).
  • A dime from Roosevelt The most this coin ever sold for at auction in 2015 was $31,102.
  • This Roosevelt dime is worth 10 cents, just like all the others.
  • It’s important that this coin is the first proof coin that was made wrong and doesn’t have the San Francisco Mint mint mark (“S”). There are only about 12 of these coins left, which makes them rare and expensive to coin collectors.
  • Edge: The coin’s edge is hairy, like a dime’s.
  • Silver Content: Roosevelt dimes were usually made of 90% silver, but proof coins like this one were made with a certain mix of metals. They might not have the same amount of silver as regular dimes.
  • The amount of silver in this coin is based on its makeup, but it is only a very small part of an ounce because of its known quality.
  • Value at Melt: This coin is worth a lot more than 10 cents because it is hard to find and collectible.

A mistake was made when this coin was made, so it doesn’t have a mint mark. The San Francisco Mint may have noticed early on and changed the die for future coins. Few mint records for this release add to the wonder and appeal of these coins, making them more sought after by coin collectors.

The 1968 No S Roosevelt Dime Proof is hard to find and costs a lot because it has a unique mistake and no one knows how it was made. People who collect and love rare coins should value it.

4.1856 S Seated Liberty Dime

1856 S Seated Liberty Dime
  • Year: 1856
  • Mint S (showing San Francisco Mint origin)
  • A Seated Liberty Dime
  • Price: This coin sold for $43,700 at auction in 2003.
  • Face Value: Like other Seated Liberty Valuable Dimes, this coin is worth 10 cents.
  • Production: This coin represents the first year the San Francisco Mint manufactured dimes. Only 70,000 dimes were produced that year, making it rare even in low-grade condition.
  • Edge: Like dimes, the coin has a reeded edge.
  • Silver Content: Traditional seated Liberty dimes, like this one, were 90% silver, increasing their worth.
  • Silver Weight: Like other dimes of this era, this piece weighs 0.0723 ounces.
  • Melt Value: This coin’s historical significance, rarity, and silver content make it worth much more than 10 cents.

Collectors treasure the 1856 S Seated Liberty Dime. The San Francisco Mint’s first year of production is significant in numismatic history. Collectors want it because of its low mintage of 70,000 coins that year and its rarity even in lesser grades. In mint condition, like the 2003 sale, it is uncommon and expensive in the numismatic market.

5. 1844 Seated Liberty Dime

1844 Seated Liberty Dime
  • Year: 1844
  • Mint Mark: No mint mark indicates it was manufactured at the main Philadelphia Mint.
  • Liberty Dime Sitting Down
  • This coin sold for $51,750 in 2008.
  • The face value of this currency is 10 cents, like other Seated Liberty dimes.
  • Mintage: These coins were only 72,500 produced. However, several of these coins are worn, suggesting they were used daily.
  • The coin was nicknamed “Little Orphan Annie” since admirers didn’t esteem it for long.
  • Rare Certification: This coin’s certification makes it special. This coin has just 15 unused copies, therefore aficionados are lucky to find one. PCGS confirms this coin as one of the three finest copies.
  • The coin’s edge is reeded like dimes.
  • Seated Liberty dimes like this one were traditionally made of 90% silver. This boosts their worth.
  • Like other dimes from this period, this coin weighs 0.0723 ounces of silver.
  • Melt Value: This rare, silver, certificated, and historical coin is worth much more than 10 cents.

The 1844 Seated Liberty Dime is a cool coin to collect. Although it was created in tiny quantities, it was easy to find worn. But the name “Little Orphan Annie” suggests that collectors didn’t appreciate how rare and significant it was until they discovered it. It’s more desired because just 15 new instances are certified. The coin market values it higher since PCGS certifies it as one of the top three.

6. 1860 O Seated Liberty Dime

1860 O Seated Liberty Dime
  • Year: 1860
  • Mint Mark: O, denoting New Orleans Mint production.
  • A Seated Liberty Dime
  • Price: This coin sold for $64,625 at auction in 2015.
  • Face Value: Like other Seated Liberty dimes, this coin is worth 10 cents.
  • Production: Both dime sides were updated in 1860. The Legend Obverse replaced the Stars Obverse. New Orleans (O) manufactured just 40,000 of these dimes. When Louisiana seceded from the Union in 1861, many of these dimes were melted down, making them scarcer.
  • Certification Rarity: This coin is uncommon. We know of exactly three mint-state dimes like these. This rarity boosts its value and collector appeal.
  • Edge: Like dimes, the coin has a reeded edge.
  • Silver Content: Seated Liberty Valuable Dimes, like this one, were 90% silver, which increased its worth.
  • Silver Weight: This coin weighs 0.0723 ounces, which is typical for dimes of this era.
  • Melt Value: This coin’s face value is 10 cents, but its rarity, historical importance, silver content, and status as one of three mint-state specimens make it worth much more.

Overall, the 1860 O Seated Liberty Dime is a popular collectible. Numismatists value it for its Legend Obverse design, low mintage, and Civil War background. The fact that just three mint-state copies survive makes this coin rare and valuable.

7. 1874 Seated Liberty Dime With Arrows Proof

1874 Seated Liberty Dime With Arrows Proof
  • Year: 1874
  • Seated Liberty Dime With Arrows In 2013, this proof coin gained an amazing $67,562.50 at auction.
  • Philadelphia manufactured just 700 proof Valuable Dimes in 1874. Collectors prize proof coins for their careful craftsmanship and detail.
  • Grading Excellence: PCGS and NGC gave this coin the highest grade of all coins of the same period. This rare and high-grade grading appeals to numismatists.

8. 1798 Large 8-Draped Bust Dime

1798 Large 8-Draped Bust Dime
  • Year: 1798
  • This coin sold for $82,250 in a 2008 phenomenal sale. A draped bust dime with a huge eight.
  • Rare mintage: The 1798 Large 8 dime was scarce due to its low production. This valuable dimes is rare since just 27,550 were created.
  • Rare in mint condition: This coin is more valuable because it’s still packaged. “Mint state” coins are in exceptional condition. This is important to coin lovers.
  • Unique Die: Its history makes this coin stand out. It is even more rare and historically significant since its reverse die was used to manufacture a 1798 quarter.

As a rare and historically significant coin, the 1798 Large 8-Draped Bust Dime is valued by collectors. Its $82,250 auction sale indicates how popular it is among early American currency collectors and aficionados.

9. 1846 Seated Liberty Dime

1846 Seated Liberty Dime
  • Year: 1846
  • A Seated Liberty Dime
  • Price: This coin sold for $86,250 at auction in 2009.
  • Mintage Rarity: The 1846 Seated Liberty Dime is rare in any condition with only 31,000 minted. Limited mintage makes it desirable to collectors.
  • It is one of just three coins confirmed as mint condition by both certifying organizations, PCGS, making it very precious. It is also one of the two finest known, making it a numismatic prize.

Overall, the 1846 Seated Liberty Dime is uncommon and desirable, especially in immaculate condition. The 2009 auction sale for $86,250 showed its value as a historical and numismatic collectible.

10. 1859 S Seated Liberty Dime

1859 S Seated Liberty Dime
  • Most expensive dime coins
  • Year: 1859
  • Mint Mark: S (San Francisco-made)
  • Liberty The Sitting Down Dime sold for $100,000 in a 2009 impressive auction.
  • The coin is unusual in any state, but extremely good or better is exceedingly rare. Its mint condition makes this coin more appealing to collectors.
  • There are only 60,000 of this dime in circulation since it was created using one set of dies. Due to its limited production, it is the rarest 1850s dime. This boosts its collector value.

The rare, well-preserved, and historically significant 1859 S Seated Liberty Dime is a numismatic treasure that aficionados covet. This item is uncommon and valuable in numismatics. It sold for $100,000 at auction in 2009.


The fact that these 10 valuable dimes coins are still popular shows how interesting collecting coins is. They’re not only useful as money, but also as windows into history because they show the art, creativity, and political background of the times they were made. The riddle of the 1968 No S Roosevelt Dime Proof and the scarcity of the 1859 S Seated Liberty Dime are two examples of coins that show how even small amounts can be very valuable and important in the world of collecting.

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